Thursday, February 11, 2016

This is Mayor Joe Hogsett of Indianapolis.  He's Mad As Hell.  But he will have to take it.
United Technologies according to Yahoo Finance most recently earned over $6 billion in profits.  It took in over $65 billion.  Today its Carrier section announced its is closing two Indiana facilities and will layoff over 2,000 workers.  A quarter of the workers earn $14 an hour, other take in $26 an hour.
Mayor Hogsett got angry.  "Today's surprise announcement was without warning and incredibly disappointing," IndyStar reported.  "While I am obviously concerned about the economic impact, my top priority is the well-being of the hardworking families affected by this decision."
And where are the jobs going?  Los 2100 trabajos van a México .
What can Joe do about it? Aside from instituting a funnel for federal and state dollars, little. UT has as its mission increasing and protecting shareholders profits. But what about all those trade deals the politicians said would protect American workers? Remember NAFTA?

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