Thursday, May 12, 2016

"Oh, God!  No!  No!  Jack shrieks.  "Pied Piper's product is its stock.  Whatever makes the value of that stock go up, that is what we're going to make."

 In an early episode of HBO's Silicon Valley this year, Jack has a discussion with Richard, the younger founder of Pied Piper, a tech startup struggling to find its market.  Richard wants to perfect his software so that the entire world, even the poorest regions, will have access to high speed internet.  Jack wants to boost the company's stock by concentrating on making a "box" that can be sold at Best Buy.
And that, we believe, is what's holding down shares of many issues today, especially shown in the recent weakness of Apple. Who are we to give advice to the CEO, Tim Cook.  But, why not?  Is he concentrating on the share price or is he working with engineers to help develop a better ear plug for the iPhone?  
Don't honestly know.  But when he appeared for close to an hour on CNBC a couple weeks ago, the stock price went up nicely the next day.  And then he vanished, not from the earth but at least the tv screens of investors.
Tim Cook can be proud of leading a technological miracle of a company.
But he should also be aware his shareholders don't get free stock options, a bonus, or big paychecks.
If he won't promote the stock, who will?

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